We are a start-up management consultancy and think tank providing leadership and advisory services in Agile & Lean business transformation and organizational change including IT/Business strategy development, comms planning and shaping as well as project/programme management to drive and oversee the whole transition from the old to new ways of working while shaping and transforming the overall corporate culture. We believe that any IT/Business change in organizations needs to be benefits driven with all stakeholders fully engaged end-to-end.


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Leading Strategists

We strategize, you succeed!

Running the business and changing the business is a balancing act that requires the right tension between what works now versus what may work better in the future. Leading Strategists believe that the answer is in running your organization as an Agile and Lean organization where you gradually build your competitive advantage through continuous improvement with the focus on making and multiplying globally what you are already doing well locally. 

Agile Lean Business Transformation Strategy

We believe that any IT/Business change in organizations needs to be benefits driven with all stakeholders fully engaged end-to-end to ensure that change becomes firmly embedded in the new corporate culture. Hearts and minds of everyone engaged in the transformation are won through consistent and transparent communications on all levels in the organization.

We use internally developed Agile Lean Business Transformation Model (ALBTM) as an architecture data-informed design tool to develop and implement a new target operating model in the organization. The ALBTM model uses a cue-routine-reward mechanism to identify all existing business processes in the organization that need to be transformed into new organizational habits to deliver operational efficiencies as well as business effectiveness. We then use Agile Lean Project/Programme Management (ALPM) to introduce, drive and implement the new ways of working into the corporate business as usual environment.